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Present Square’s video works of the Movement series show musicians playing or not playing their instruments. When playing their instruments, the musicians move their bodies and, when not playing, their bodies are still. Technological advancements over the last century have undermined this simple analog logic. Focusing on cause-and-effect, Present Square not only gives visual form to music via the physical movements of the musicians, but also references and critiques modern music videos, where musicians pretend to be playing their instruments to playback music.

The Movement Project was exhibited at Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Oct. 19 – 26 2019. Present Square showed five Video Works and two Pin Squares.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-01 um 17.23.39
Domenica Movement, 2019. (video stills)
Lorina Bass Movement at Werkhalle Wiesenburg 2019
Video Installation / Pin Square, Werkhalle Wiesenburg 2019.
Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-28 um 14.16.29
Concert of Band Present Square in Movement Video installation at Werkhalle Wiesenburg, October 26th, 2019